Dns Setting For Edge Chromium

How To Access PaHe.Stream Soon to Be Pahe.sbs

Hi There this is a quick tutorial on how to access PaHe.Stream if this sites is blocked by your ISP

First step open your browser like chrome , edge or mozzila, but the setting tutorial here are using chrom / edge chromium. Go to your browser settings and type DNS, or you can use this link to your browser address chrome://settings/security?search=DNS or chrome://settings/security for edge here use this edge://settings/privacy  after pasted the address to your browser address bar, so you will see the button to toggle Use secure DNS on or off see the image below


dns setting for chrome


Dns Setting For Edge Chromium
Dns Setting For Edge Chromium

select the dns provider for your browser, after that restart your browser and clear your cache.
Voila, you should able to stream freely on Pahe.Stream now 🙂


Best Regards