Teeth Whitening in Yuma, AZ

teeth whitening yuma azHave you noticed your teeth aren't as bright as they used to be? Are yellowed or stained teeth making you less likely to smile? Do you drink a lot of coffee, tea, or wine that can reduce the natural brightness of your teeth? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may want to consider professional teeth whitening with our Yuma, AZ dental office.

Why Choose Professional Teeth Whitening?

If you want to give your teeth a facelift, there are many products available nowadays. The toothpaste aisle at the grocery store is full of products that promise whiter, brighter teeth. So why choose professional whitening from Yuma dentist Dr. Sam Carroll, DMD? There are several reasons why professional whitening is the right choice:

  • Professional teeth whitening products administered by a dentist contain higher concentrations of bleach, giving you better, longer-lasting results.
  • Over-the-counter products can contain abrasives. These abrasives can scratch sensitive dental restorations such as veneers and crowns and even damage your natural teeth.
  • Professional whitening services provided by your dentist can be easily adjusted if the product causes too much sensitivity. We can add numbing agents to reduce sensitivity to the treatment or even reduce the strength of the bleaching agent. Over-the-counter products do not offer you this flexibility.
  • Many over-the-counter products promise results that they just can't deliver on. You may notice some temporary whitening when using these products, but often the results just don't last and are disappointing.

Gentle, Safe Teeth Whitening in Our Office or at Home

We want to meet your dental needs, so we offer two whitening options: professional whitening in our office or a custom take-home whitening kit. This allows you the flexibility to get the results you want on your own schedule!

In-office whitening gives you great results in just one visit. You will get the fastest and most reliable results with this option. These appointments are usually thirty to sixty minutes long. If you have deep staining, we may recommend a second appointment for best results. In-office whitening allows us to monitor the bleaching process and give you great results while protecting sensitive gums and oral tissue.

If you have sensitive teeth and you're worried about how you will tolerate whitening products, be sure to let our staff know. We can monitor your tooth sensitivity and modify your treatment to give you brighter teeth while minimizing sensitivity. Be aware that most effective whitening treatments will cause some lingering sensitivity, but it should only last a few hours.

We also offer an at-home whitening kit. These kits can either be used to maintain the results of an in-office whitening or as your primary whitening treatment. The at-home whitening kits we offer have many advantages over store-bought kits. The trays are customized to fit your teeth, minimizing leakage of the bleaching agent that can cause sore gums and tongue and doesn't taste very good. We can also control the strength of your bleach to give you the best results without residual tooth pain from increased sensitivity.

Call Today to Brighten Your Smile!

If you are interested in at-home or in-office teeth whitening, call today to schedule an appointment and find out why our patients think Dr. Carrol is the best dentist in Yuma for professional teeth whitening!