Dental Crowns in Yuma, AZ

dental crowns yuma az When teeth become cracked, chipped, or damaged, it can be very upsetting. Most people don't want to flash a less-than-perfect smile to the world, and damaged teeth can make you uncomfortable in social situations, where talking, eating, and laughing put your smile's imperfections on display. In fact, damaged teeth can affect your self-esteem, may contribute to depression, and lower your overall health in many ways.

If your teeth need a makeover, an expertly crafted dental crown can restore them so that you're proud to show them off with every smile. Dental crowns can not only restore chipped and cracked teeth, they can also strengthen a tooth that has had a root canal or extreme decay. Multiple or large fillings can leave a tooth weakened, but by capping that tooth with a strong, durable dental crown, you can prolong the tooth's life and keep your smile beautiful.

What Is a Dental Crown?

Dental crowns come in a variety of materials, including gold, porcelain, and tooth-colored resin. Crowns are constructed to look just like a natural tooth and are created with a hollow center that is used to “cap” your existing tooth with a beautiful restoration that is virtually indistinguishable from your regular teeth.

Crowns can also be used as part of a dental bridge, in the case of missing teeth. Crown-supported bridges provide a sturdy anchor to give your dental bridge the support it needs to last through years of chewing. Yuma, AZ dentist Sam Carroll, DMD offers patients many years of experience in preparing and placing beautiful dental crowns and bridges with a gentle touch.

What to Expect When Getting a Crown

In average dental offices, crown will be completed in 2-3 visits. However, with the technology in our Yuma office, Dr. Carroll is able to fabricate a new tooth under 90 minutes! Goodbye dental temporary crowns, gooey uncomfortable impression material, and most importantly, you save time and money by not having to return for a second visit!

When you break a tooth, Dr. Carroll will use his digital devices to scan, design, and fabricate your new tooth while you watch!

Caring for a Dental Crown

When your crown is freshly placed, you will want to be careful not to bite down too hard or chew difficult-to-eat foods on the new crown. Once the cement has cured for about twenty-four hours, it should be nice and secure. After the first twenty-four hours, caring for your crown is not much different from caring for your regular teeth. Brush and floss the crown as normal. Remember that while today's crowns are quite sturdy, they can still be chipped or damaged by extreme force. We recommend you avoid chewing on extremely hard things such as ice or jawbreakers with your crown.

Restore Your Smile With a Custom-Crafted Dental Crown!

If you are interested in dental crowns or have any questions, please contact our Yuma dental office today to schedule a consultation.