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Sam Carroll, DMD

You've found the home of Dr. Sam Carroll, DMD, and the best dental team in Yuma! We strive daily to offer you a superior dental experience from the moment you walk in the door. Take a moment to learn more about us and the services we offer.

Patient Testimonials

Painless Yuma Dentist

John describes his dental experience at your Yuma Dentist, Dr. Carroll's office this morning. Like every dental patient, he was not looking forward to the "shot". Here, he describes his dental anxiety, and not feeling anything during the shot or procedure. Visit us for the painless Yuma dentist! #yumadentist #dentistinyuma #dentist #painlessdentist #allonfour

Tanya Loves Her New Smile!

Facebook Review of The Yuma Dentist!

Another Yuma Dental Patient Thank You Card

Another Yuma Dental Patient Thank You Card

Dr. Carroll,

I very much appreciated the prompt and professional service you gave me while in Yuma in March.
I am a winter visitor from MN, and had a dental emergency while there. A friend suggested we call you, as she had been to your office and was very pleased with the good service you provide.

Thank you again,
Dave Young

A Thank You Note from the Goolds!

A Thank You Note from the Goolds!

The Goolds write, "Sam & the girls in the office Thank You - You all are great. Take care of one another - The Goolds" A wonderful thank you note from a wonderful family. Thank you for coming and seeing us. We cant wait to see you again.

Margaret's Thank You Card

Margaret's Thank You Card

Here is the most recent thank you card our office has received dated April 18, 2015.
Margaret recently decided to improve her smile and replace her mercury silver fillings and old failing metal crowns with esthetic ceramic restorations.
Dr. Carroll & Staff,
Thank you for my beautiful smile. My teeth have never looked so good!
Margaret Guidero

Thank You Letter From Margaret

Margaret had the last of her teeth on the bottom jaw removed and replaced with dental implants in Dr. Carroll's Yuma dental office. An over denture which snaps into her dental implants so her denture no longer floats around was fabricated once her implants had integrated. She has since moved away from Yuma, but wanted to let Dr. Carroll know that she is still thrilled with the result he was able to accomplish. Her thank you letter is below.
Thank you for the good work you did on my implants! Had to write and tell you. I have checked in with my dentist - to check on the 'o" rings. They are amazingly holding tight!! I have not had to have new ones put in. My dentist has another patient with same size "O" rings and has to change hers every 2-3 months.
Maybe you don't remember me - we kidded about my husband Bill - calling him Doc Thompson - or Doc. bill
Thanks again
Margeret Thompson
P.S. work was done 2012-2013

A Recent Thank You Card to our Office

A Recent Thank You Card to our Office

January 2015
Thank you doesn't seem like enough! I really appreciate how you cared for me during my recent procedure. I never thought of myself as a good dental patient, but you made me shine :) Thank You.
Not many people can say they love their dentist, but I am one of them :)
Sharon DeHate

Ellen's Thank You to Dr. Carroll

Ellen's Thank You to Dr. Carroll

August 26 2014
Dear Sam,
I want to thank you for your excellent dental care that you have provided me. You went out of your way and beyond your current practice scope to have the retainer made. That retainer is excellent! It Has brought my teeth into better alignment and is much more stable and comfortable. Constant pain of last few years is gone!
Thank you for stepping up in my time of need. You are the best!
Ellen Hamilton

Rosemary Testimonial

I am a patient of Dr. Carroll. I recently had a root canal. I went in with of course the same fear that everyone has when the go to the “Dentist”, especially with this procedures. I have to tell you that I had a great experience of no pain whatsoever. If I would ever need another root canal in the future, I would not hesitate to go again because Dr. Carroll take good care of you and make sure you have no pain. I want to say THANK YOU to Dr. Carroll for caring about his patients to make their dentistry experience enjoyable and comfortable.
Rosemary Borunda
Yuma, AZ

Linda's Testimonial

Linda sings the praises of Dr. Carroll "he's not only very good and very knowledgeable, he's a lot of fun". Listen to Linda's testimonial and hear first hand why she recommends Dr. Carroll to everyone.

Delila's Testimonial

Dalila has been coming to Dr. Carroll's office for several years and has had multiple procedures done including cleanings and crowns. "I'd become nervous when it comes to going to the dentist and they are very patient with me... and they are very gentle." Dalila recommends Dr. Carroll and his staff very highly.

Bob Testimonial

Bob has been coming to this practice for years and is most impressed with how much of a "perfectionist" Dr. Carroll is. Bob refers to Dr. Carroll as "Dr. Painless" and highly recommends Dr. Carroll.

Andy's Testimonial for Dr Carroll

Hear Andy's testimonial of the dental work Dr. Carroll has done for him. "Everything went smooth and easy and as painless as dental work can be". Andy "Definitely recommends him to anyone who needs a good dentist."

Velma Testimonial

Velma has been a regular patient of Dr. Carroll since he came to Yuma. Dr. Carroll has gone out of his way to help Velma handle issues she was having with her insurance company and she highly recommends him as a result.

Bianca Testimonial

Bianca has been a patient of Dr. Carroll's for 2 years, recently Bianca had 2 crowns done "The treatment plan was explained to me very thoroughly, during the procedure I was very comfortable." Bianca recommends Dr. Carroll to her friends and family.

Rian Testimonial

Rian and his daughter come to Dr. Carroll's office because, "Coming in here is like being with family or coming into the office with friends... everything is always nice and works out great." Rian refers all of his family and friends to Dr. Carroll see his testimonial here.

Arnie Testimonial

Arnie has had fillings, crowns and extractions done by Dr. Carroll and has been very very comfortable throughout. "On a scale of 1 to 10 I would give them an 11!" Thanks Arnie!

Iain's Testimonial for Dr. Carroll

Iain used to go to Dr. Carroll from Buffalo but now he lives in San Diego and still goes there!
"I am never disappointed in the work I have done here." Come see for yourself why Iain travels all the way from San Diego to see us.